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What is PRODUCT ? PRODUCT is a way to introduce—in person—sophisticated shoppers to an edited collection of emerging brands we think they'll enjoy. It's also a venue for those brands to reach an audience of women who will carry their brand's message forward through its Products What do you mean by brand? Definition: A brand is a name given to a product and/or service such that it takes on an identity by itself. A brand name can create and stand for Loyalty, Trust, Faith, Premiumness or mass-market appeal, depending on how the brand is marketed, advertised and promoted What are the 4 steps of branding? Here are four steps to building a successful brand. Define how you want to be perceived. Organize your business based on this promise. Communicate your promise. Be consistent

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Paan Shops online B 2 B E - Commerce comes with its own simple yet powerful blog. With the new advanced typography styles your post page design will be unmatched.

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